Profile in Courage

You can’t help but think Sen John McCain is one tough mother. Plane crashes, torture, visits to the Hanoi Hilton.

Walking across the Senate to vote ‘aye’ on proceeding to debate two days after brain cancer surgery, with a nasty looking scar over his left eye.

And I’m not sure he’s actually in favor of the healthcare bill as it now stands. But he gets on a plane to cast the deciding vote to proceed on debate. And, somehow, four other senators get on the bus, either because he’s there, or Trump, Pence & Co twisted some arms to the breaking point. Sens Collins and Murkowski have to be thinking tonight ‘we look like such wimps and idiots’.

I’ll grant you that I owe some favors to Johnny Mac. He found the funding to keep a Navy book project going (twice) for me and my coauthor when there weren’t supposedly any funds to be had, because he believed the Navy needed better leadership.

So, I say, go Johnny go.


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