Trump Shakeout: Immigration, Lending

Well, we’ve had five months of the Donald, and, aside from angst among the establishment, I think things are going pretty well. The Trump Bump in growth is happening.

We don’t have a healthcare plan or  tax cuts yet, but we know that they’re coming.

Here’s what we see on various topics:

  1. Immigration. No real imapact so far, unless you hire H1B visa holders, which are tightening. The deportations have been among the criminal element, which wasn’t working for you anyway. We have an associate who helps companies process and find eligible workers, and he’s busier than ever.
  2. Loans: much better. The SBA has loosened up, and raised their maximums, to $3.8 million, and reportedly lend for acquisitions. I’m sure Linda McMahon has had a lot of influence, even though it hasn’t been reported. Even the banks are reportedly loosening up, because of the demise of Dodd-Frank and it’s capital requirements.
  3. Regulations: better still, although in our segment of smaller businesses, we don’t see much impact.
  4. There are looming problems with labor supply….a lot of unfilled jobs out there. Encourage your local community college to start developing vo-ed  programs! Trump sees this, hence the appearance in Wakesha WI yesterday.

So, it’s mostly good, would be better if Congress got it’s act together.

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