The Trump Bump

Happy Thanksgiving to all readers, and with the right person in the White House, it WILL be a Happy Thanksgiving, now that we’ve all been spared from four years of Nurse Ratchet.

During our group meeting after the election, one of the members made the point that there’s going to be an increase in economic activity just because the Donald was elected and we’re going back to a pro-business attitude in this country. Even before tax cuts and other pro-business items on the Trump agenda are enacted.

Sure, he said, tax cuts are nice (and he’s at the top tax rate), but it’s more important to him to have a positive business climate in which to operate. He’ll start thinking about business investment again, moving forward, rather than what the Department of Labor might do to him on wages and overtime.

So, for all you business owners who are our loyal readers, we hope you feel the same.

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