Trump and the Bimbo Eruption

Well, no one ever said the Clinton Dirt Machine couldn’t throw a Hail Mary in the form of the bimbos that were conveniently trotted out this week to derail Trump.

This is nominally only a business related topic because the Donald is, like it or not, the business candidate. Hilary is the more government candidate.

We take the Donald at his word, because if the ladies really had anything on him (no pun intented), there have been  sexual harassement laws for about the last 30 years that they could have used to shake him down. And Gloria Allred would be front and center with a class action lawsuit representing most of the bimbos against Donald. Instead, they magically appear sort of individually at the 11th hour as it appears that Herself might lose.

Actually, courtesy of Julian Assange, who must not have given the Clintons enough money, we do have a rather serious security breach being Chinese water tortured out on Herself and her minions. Delicious.

It’s also clear that NBC sat on the tape of Billy Bush and the Donald conversing in rather vulgar language about some female attributes. We know NBC is run by a bunch of lefties (one of whom was a classmate of mine), so no favors can be expected from that quarter. If you’ve ever been in a locker room, the language fits right in.

Plus, we have defended some of our clients, in a much more modest way, from bimbo eruptions. Women are attracted to men with money and power, simple as that.  Despite what Peggy Noonan says.

We don’t happen to think the majority of Americans are deplorables, but it’s clear that about 25% of the Hillary voters might be…..easily led, believe anything they see on the MSM and some web sites.

So, let’s not derail our economy further…let’s put brother Trump in and see what happens. If he doesn’t make it, let’s organize, in the best British tradition, the loyal opposition, led by the Donald and the Republicans. Give Hillary fits.

What the hell do we have to lose?

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