Do You Have A Company Culture?

You might be reading all the articles on company culture that have appeared lately and wonder, ‘what’s MY company culture’?

Yes, you have one, and it’s based on a bunch of things, that you can observe:

  1. Do I have people who have a passion for their work, or are they just hanging around?
  2. Do they have a drive to excel and learn new things about their job?
  3. Do they understand what your business is and your goals for the business?
  4. Do they know where they stand with you? Have they had a performance review lately, either formally, or just talking in your office?
  5. Would you say that you do all of the above behaviors, or are you asking people to do things you don’t do?

So, take a look at these four things this week and see where you are. If you’re not there, the good news is that you can fix it over time.

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