Hamlet Ryan

This isn’t a political blog, but we do get into leadership, or lack of it.

Whatever you might say about the Donald, he’s a leader. Get on the noisy train, or he’ll diss you and you’d wish you’d been thrown off. Standard business practice in New York. This ain’t beanbag.

Leadership study #2 is Paul Ryan, whose behavior is looking increasingly bizzare. Forget the fact that if Trump is elected, he might loose his perch as Speaker to someone more in tune with Trump. And he’s doing his best Hamlet interpretation.

Frankly, after he and Trump sort of kissed and made up, we thought the union would at least be civil.

But, it appears that Ryan’s whining again about suing Trump for something. At least Trump is giving Ryan time to come to his senses. Trump is the best opportunity Rs have had in a generation to get an R agenda enacted. But it might not be Ryan’s agenda, it might be a compromise. Trump has given all kinds of signals about what he wants as President.

Trump is pretty tolerant of other idiot politicians (meaning he’ll at least listen to them), but don’t diss him in public. Pick up the phone or the email.

Paul, don’t be surprised if you see a Trumpkin running against you in November, unless you’ve already won your primary. Your governor is on the Trump Train; he’s no fool.

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