How to Screw Up Your Website

In a phrase, stop paying attention.

We’ve had since 1994 or so, practically the dawn of the internet, but in the last week we’ve found an interloper who’s borrowed some of our logo style and even made a cartoon out of our kindly medical doctor.

The other guys are called, pretty close. Close enough that I’ll call our corporate attorney about doing a cease and desist letter. I must say that they probably purloined our search terms, too, since they now outrank us among national marketing consultants. Our webmasters were asleep at the wheel, too, but then we’ve been known to examine our competitors search terms, too.

Good thing they’re based at the other end of the country, in Massachusetts, but of course we all operate globally. Forget the fact that we’ve probably done two or three or ten times as many consults as they have (but we’ll point in our on our new website).

We also have other companies, which is why we took our eye off the ball. And this blog, which we love to write.

So, the moral of the story is never stop paying attention to your competitors; they might be gaining on you. And they might outmarket you, when you invented a lot of what goes on.

Anyway, competition is good! Game on!

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