An Intense Workplace Doesn’t Have to Be Cruel

This was a great title whose text didn’t quite live up to the title.

And, it was reinforced by the recently reported problems that Jeff Bezos is having with his Amazon culture….apparently some people who work for him are being less than nice to their direct reports.

And, there was the case of the two lady Rangers being helped by a male during a tough phase of training. And, aside from SEAL BUDs training, there’s not much that is harder than Ranger training. Or more intense.

What it comes down to is the fact that your people are the translators of your culture, and they mostly derive how they translate the culture from their bosses. All the way to the top.

So, if some of Bezos’ underlings are yelling at their people, they got it from somewhere, and no one should be surprised. Except the business press, that is.

You can get your points across without yelling….yelling betrays to me a certain sense of insecurity. And this insecurity must be at the root of the Amazon culture.

So, Jeff, you better hit the chill button and find out why people in your organization are yelling at each other.

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