Your Customers Will Tell You About Good Customer Service

This was a great title of a blogpost by Shep Hyken (good resume, but he’s never been to Phoenix, as far as I know) that didn’t quite live up to the title, but a post of customer service is always a good thing, because not everyone does it well, or sometimes even evenly, so here are some the definitions that were used, which are pretty good if you wade through them:

1. Al Hooper, another blogger, defined it as “the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services”. Yes, widely used in marketing textbooks no doubt, but sort of transactional, Al. Al does go on to say that great customer service is a differentiator for commoditized products or services, which we agree.

2. Retail Wire said it’s ‘not having to ask someone for help’. Really? In this era of online shopping, and reduced store and physical stock presence, asking for help is nearly a given. Your people should be perceptive enough to spot someone who seems to be having a hard time finding something. The first merchant who does that online, maybe through lack of activity after logging on, will have something that’s a real differentiator.

Shep goes on to cite several other, rather transactional definitions by such worthies as Meghan Norris, Corporate Dynamics, Lisa Catalano and Jack Dillon Dillon got closest to our definition, which we use in our courses, which is being served to meet my expectations. How about being served to exceed one’s expectations, Jack?

And, as we say in the title, the customers will tell you if your service is meeting, or exceeding their expectations.

A survey of whether customers were well or poorly or averagely served, after the transaction is done, if a good thing, regardless of whether it’s physical or online service. I will say that most online merchants do an after-transaction survey.

If you

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