A Caution on Sexual Harassement Claims

Over the last couple of weeks, we imagine that many of you are digging out your employment manuals to refresh what they say on handling sexual harrassement claims.

We’ve noticed, starting with Judge Moore, that there’s a notable reported lack of due process. Someone makes an allegation, and it’s settled, boom.

Don’t do that. When someone makes an allegation, talk to the other party and ask if it’s true, maybe (on advice of counsel) bring the two parties into your office or the conference room and ask them what’s going on. Or, you can talk to them separately.

This due  process might be going on, but it’s certainly not being reported by the idiot media, not even the Wall Street Journal who normally does an excellent job of reporting.

Regardless of who said or did what, both people are valuable employees and should be treated as such in your investigations.

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