If it’s not on the agenda, we don’t talk about it

This article appeared in Fast Company, and is in support of organized meetings, rather than disorganized blabfests.

Meetings are one of the unfortunate byproducts of corporate life, but we’ve normally gotta have ’em. The trick is to keep them short as possible and to the point of the meeting.

It’s probably more appropriate for larger companies, but agendizing is a good idea. When we run Solutions Forum group meetings, we do it off of both an agenda and a time limit for each member, so that each one’s issues can get discussed.

Further, someone in the group should take notes and distribute them to all the other participants, so they have a record of what  was committed to.

This all sounds rather structured and stifling, but it’s not. The key is the person who called the meeting moving it along.

Feedback on this one would be appreciated: any other items that are used out there to make meetings better.

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