CEOs are watching TV for biz answers?

About a month ago (we’re a little behind) there was an article in the Wall St. Journal about business owners and CEOs watching certain television shows, as having something useful to say about the running of a company.

I didn’t know whether to be horrified or gratified that some show runners would even put a business friendly message in their shows. But, here are the useful rules:

  1. Brooklyn 99: A gay black captain is revered by his troops, and clearly, there’s no one management style that works for all, and a leader should provide constructive criticism.
  2. The Americans: Defend your company against all levels of hackers, human beings are nearly always the weak link in your plans.
  3. Project Runway: Reminds of the restraints on the creative process, lead character gives excellent, contructive feedback. Don’t impose solutions, just suggest as in “how would it be if……”
  4. The Good Fight: Learn to become a good team player if there isn’t an opportunity to lead the team. Look for deposed managers to add to teams.
  5. Orange Is the New Black: If your management isn’t into making changes look for ways that you can make changes that don’t require their approval.

Not said is how perceptive and awake one has to be to get the messages…..

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