OMG! Not Another Czar!

Jeez, if there’s one thing we DONT need, it’s another guy or gal to gum up the works with commentary on what the government is doing late and short on the Ebola crisis. They’re not exactly up to speed on the whole thing, and training someone new in the middle of a crisis isn’t a great idea.

A new czar would be a terrible idea, but about on a par with what we’d expect from Little Barry and the Minnions.

Where’s the Surgeon General? We actually have an acting one, but he’s been invisible. He’s a Medical Corps Navy Rear Admiral, so he ought to be able to ‘fleet up’ in a hurry if anyone asked him..

As a Rear Admiral, in the MC, he should be used to leading from the front, despite his title. Think back to C.Everett Koop on the smoking hazards back in the day. Right or wrong, he was out front on the situation and all over the airwaves. About what we need now.

Even though The Surgeon General isn’t an epidemologist,  at least he’s a medical doctor, which should carry some gravitas, and he could play off Freiden and Fauci.

C’mon Fox, get your intrepid folks on finding out what the SG has to say. Catherine Herridge and Jennifer Griffin are is a great investigative reporters, as is James Rosen.

Drs. Freiden and Fauci presumably work for Sylvia Burwell the presently invisible Secretary of Health and Human Services, but she presumably has no medical background or training, either, so she has nothing useful to say.

We know that leadership in the government is either in short or non-existent supply, but let’s try out the Surgeon General before we go flapping off with a new czar.

Moral of the story so far: use the people you’ve got in a crisis, and you’ll find out what they’re worth. Keep the good ones, fire the bad ones, but as we’ve said before, firing anyone is an anathema to anyone in this administration.

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