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Kjell C. Andreassen
Managing Partner
acceler8 llc and Exit Planning Advisors LLC

Trying to plan for the transiition phase in the life cycle of a business is an area not freequently visited by entrepreneurs.  Exit Planning Advisors were able to demonstrate the need for a plan and develop it to ensure that my intentions and wishes were taken into account in a tax and cost effective manner and that our future is insured.  Also, the coordination of this complex process among my many advisors was truly appreciated.  Thank you again for all of your excellent work!

Mark W. Bagnall, Owner
The Bagnall Company

Acceler8 has taken our company to the next level with their experience and knowledge of our industry.  They provide us with solid professional advice and have allowed us to implement new processes for all of our internal operations as well as coming up with strategies that have increased our sales.  With the business plan they created for us, we were exposed to financial opportunities we did not have access to in the past.  Your services have been invaluable to us.  Thanks for your continued support.

Venessa Joaquim, President
Twistique, LLC 

Jack Eberenz
Jack Eberenz Marketing and Management, Inc.

Mentoring ISE Courses 

S01: Franchising: What You Need to Know
S04: Mergers and Acquisitions

"Jack is an experienced franchise pro.  He has a total grasp of what it takes to be successful in this business (franchising).  I would highly recommend that anyone talk to Jack about your franchising needs first!"  

D. Lamb, Snelling Staffing Services

"Jack Eberenz is our chosen franchise expert and consultant and brings a wealth of grass roots operational talent blended with very strong and high level franchise management.  Jack has a long and storied history of franchise success in and outside Arizona:"

M. Himelfarb, Global Prevention Services

"Having the benefit of knowing and being associated with Jack for 25 years, I can say without any doubt that he is the man to go for both business and franchising knowledge.  Jack's experience in the World of Franchising places him at the top of the list among those who know the industry and how it has matured over those years."

Jim Wellbeloved, Franchise Administration
Precision Door Service Franchising

John W. Heinrich II
Solutions Forum

Mentoring ISE Courses

A01: Seeking a New Business Idea
A02: Viability of New Business Venture
A11:  Funding a New Business
A12: Implementing a New Business Venture
E01: Sales Best Practices -- Course One: Evaluating Your Present Sales Force
E02:  Sales Best Practices -- Course Two:  Hiring the Best Sales Force
E03:  Marketing Best Practices
E14:  Alternative Financing
S05: Intrapreneurship
S06: Family Businesses

It is a pleasure to recommend John Heinrich and the ISE educational program for business owners.  The time spent with the ISE group has provided excellent tools which empowered my corporation to identify, create, and implement solutions that enhanced the ability to thrive in the current market environment.  It has been a pleasure to experience the power of utilizing the expertise offered by  the ISE program and of one of its founding mentors.  
Further, the procedures and concepts provided within the curriculum have led to increased sales and profits and provided guidance for structuring a strategic alliance which lowered operating overhead and increased profits.  It is my firm belief that contrbutions of the ISE group have been a major factor which enabled my corporation to survive and prosper.

I strongly urge any business owner to consider allying themselves with the real world professionls of the ISE mentor group and reap the benefits of their expertise.  I wish the opportunity to tap into the ISE knowledge had existed when I began my cusiness journal many years ago. 

Steve Sanchez
Master Marble Ltd.    

For nearly ten years, I credit John for some of the best decisions for my company.  John covers both out-of-the-box as well as traditional thinking.  His mind is constantly churning new ideas for sales motivation, sales accounability, and marketing strategies that hit the mark.  I appreciate both his candor and his humor and he helps me create and implement a plan of attack for whatever problem I'm dealing with while running my business of 30 years.

Larry Turley, President
Ron Turley Associates, Inc.

Connie Kadansky
President and CEO
Exceptional Sales Performance, LLC

Mentoring ISE Courses

E06:  Inner Game of Prospecting: Overcoming Sales Call Resistance
E07:  Cold Call Prospecting

"Coming from banking into a global wealth management firm, it was a shock to proactively meet the demands of new business development. Connie Kadansky helped me to "mentally and emotionally" accept prospecting as a vital consistent actiivity.  I was reluctant to prospect and promote.  Coaching with Connie helped me become more confortable, competent and consistent with prospecting. She also coached me in closing a couple pieces of key business."

M. M
Financial Advisor

"I have been in high profile PR positions and sales my entire life.  This program was an eye-opener.  I rarely endorse programs this strongly.  Any organization that wants to get better sales results will benefit from this one-of-a-kind program with a presenter who is 100% committed to the success of her clients."

Gil Cisneros
Chamber of the Americas
Denver, CO

"I built my business by using your behavorial system for making sales calls.  Within four months of making marketing calls every morning, I had a strong client basse of 100 clients.  I plan using the same method to market my services to expand my business to other locations."

Robin Hakes, Owner
Recruiter (Dental)

W. Lee Steele
President and CEO
Strategic Insight

Mentoring ISE Courses

A08:  Internet Marketing: Overview of the Basics
A09:  10 Steps to Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan
E04:  Internet Marketing: Search Engine Marketing - Advanced
E05:  Internet Marketing:  Email Marketing

"Lee's recommended actions were right on target.  I'm particularly pleased with the quality of his work and also with the professional manner in which the project was handled."

Project Manager, IBM

"I've worked with Lee Steele at Strategic Insight.  He knows his stuff and gets real, tangible results.  His knowledge of Internet marketing tops anyone I've ever met."

President, America On Hold

"It was a pleasure doing business with your company.  The thought process and proposal were very professional with the final plan achieving all objectives.  Thank you for a job well done!"

Director of Sales & Marketing,  Budget Rent-A-Car

Shauna A.Wekherlien
President and CEO
SWC Business Enterprises, PC

Mentoring ISE Courses

A04:  Financial Mgmt. for Start-Up Business - Course One:  Undersstanding Financial Statements
A05: Financial Mgmt. for Start-Up Businesses - Course Two:  Cash Flow Budgeting
A06:  Financial Mgmt. for Start-Up Businesses - Course Three:  Proforma and Budgeting
E11:  Financial Mgmt. for Established Businesses - Course One: Analyzing Financial Statements
E12 Financial Mgmt. for Established Business- Course Two:  Budgeting and Proforma

"The people at SWC are among the most honest, ethical, and hard-worling individuals in professional services.  It's amazing to see a business that truly has a vested interest in you and your business.  SWC cares!  Working with SWC is a fantasstic experience wherein you feel like a member of their family.  Who would have thought taxes could be an enjoyable process?  With Shauna, the Tax Goddess, and her great team, they can be."

Jenniffer F.

"Shauna and her team have saved us a bundle.  Their attention to detail is much appreciated!  We are so relieved to have our books done in such a timely and organized manner.  Meeting with Shauna throughout the year has helped us to strategize in a way that was previously impossible.  Advanced planning for the next tax year allows us to position our business and make forecasts.  We have the upmost respect for the way Shauna runs her business and enables us to run ours.

Andy N.

I am grateful to be a client of SWC.   As a small business owner, I sincerely appreciate your passion as the "Tax Goddess", that is only surpassed by your knowledge.  Every person I refer to Shauna and SWC are as satisfied with her abilities and service as I.  I would not let anyone else handle my precious business.

Sue S.