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Are there advantages of the ASE program over college and university courses in entrepreneurship?
Yes, there are many.

1. An On-Demand Recorded course givies immediate access to the course and provides a self-directed learning opportunity that optimizes your use of time.

2. Cost effective compared to cost of textbooks, tuition, and fees charged at academic insitutions.

3. The ASE program is designed for those who seek knowledge, skills, and insights for business formation, operation, and management without a huge financial investment, time consumed by weeks in classrooms, homework, examination preparation, and travel.

4. ASE program provides review of the class presentation.

5. On-Demand Recorded courses are accessible anytime, from any time zone worldwide.

6. An established business owner will find ASE courses which address specific business challenges with solutions that can be applied immediately to their business operation or management model.

7. All ASE mentors are entrepreneurs engaged in their own businesses and have specialized expertise of their topics. ASE mentors have also taught at colleges and universities, and/or facilitated business workshops and conferences along with having national and worldwide recognition. We invite you to review our Mentor Profiles.

8. ASE does not require textbooks, homework or examinations which are an immense savings of money and time.
How do ASE courses compare to courses taught at colleges and universities?
The ASE model is a self-directed learning program from which you select the courses to enroll and the order you choose. You learn at your own pace without the rigors of a formal academic model. ASE classes are skills-based and can be applied immediately to your business operations.
How frequently is course material updated?
Class material is updated whenever ASE mentors recognize a need to update or revise their presentations for remaining current with economic changes, trends, rules and regulations in the industry of their expertise. Further, a 30-member CEO focus group provides monitoring of course material as another source for input and recommendations from real-world business owners.
Are ASE courses transferable for academic credit or continuing education credit?
No. The non-academic feature is one among many distinctive features of the ASE model. Anyone aspiring to attain a college degree should pursue that goal. Many aspiring and established business owners already have academic degrees, and others have no desire to pursue an academic degree. ASE courses serve the learning aspirations of persons who are seeking skills-based knowledge without the rigors and expense of attending an academic institution.
Why does ASE have three program categories – Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Established Business Owners, and Specialty?
Each of the three program categories focuses on the specific objectives of the participant of the different categories. Established business owners are focused on marketing, sales, operations and management of their businesses or may be seeking solutions to a specific challenge they recognized within their businesses. An aspiring entrepreneur's objective is to first determine the viability of a new business idea, formation and implementation of a business venture. It is to be noted that once an aspiring entrepreneur has launched their business, they become an estatblished business owner who will benefit from the courses offered in the Established Business Owner category. The classes offered in the Specialty category address specific business objectives such as franchising, intrapreneurship, international expansion, and family businesses.
Is there a specific order required for taking the classes?
No, courses may be taken in any order and from any of the three categories. However, we recommend aspiring entrepreneurs, who have a specific business idea, enroll in clourses A02 through A09 which provide elements for a writing business plan, course A10. A12, Implementing a New Business Venture, is an overview of steps for launching a new business. A13 through A17 are specific topics about implementation of a newly formed business.
What is recommended for an aspiring entrepreneur who has not decided upon a business idea or an industry?
A01: Seeking a New Business Idea is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who have yet to decide upon an industry, a specific business idea, and whether to sell a product or provide a service. After deciding upon a business idea, it is recommended that you proceed to ASE Course A02, Viability of a New Business Venture.
What is the suggested progression for an aspiring entrepreneur once the business plan is completed?
Learn the steps for implementation of your business venture in ASE Course A12: Implementing a New Business Venture. The tasks for implementation of a business are taught in ASE Courses A13 through A17.
Which courses are recommended after the launch of a new business?
Once your new business is launched, you have become an established business owner and will benefit from the classes offered in the Established Business category which consists of topics about business operations and management, solutions for specific challenges, and how to grow and expand your business.
Is there a limit of how many courses I can reserve at one time?
No. ASE classes are designed for self-directed learning. You choose the pace at which to learn and master the skills of business ownership. You are limited only by your time and commitment.
How can I make a "gift" registration to another person?
Gift registrations are available by request to the ISE Administrator by phoning 888-473-1473 or email aseadmin@theasoe.com. The name and email address of the recipient is needed for issuance of a gift coupon. Following the recipient's registration for a course, confirmations and invitations (see below) will be sent to the email address provided. The benefactor has the option of a gift registration for either the "Live" audiocast or the On-Demand Recorded version of a course.
Will I receive a confirmation of my registration?
Yes. You will receive an email from ASE confirming your registration:

Welcome to American School of Entrepreneurship: This email provides your username and password along with your Order ID number. It is important that you retain your username and password you entered with your first registration as the ASE system will recognize you as a returning student. To return to ASE web site for a course and access to other returning student privileges, you will be required to login as a returning student.
Receipt and Purchase Confirmation from ASE: This email is a record of your registration and payment.
Please retain each of these confirmations for your records.
What are the cancellation and refund policies?
You may cancel a registration for a full fee refund prior to accessing to the course.

To request a cancellation or refund, please have available or provide the following: