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S01: Franchising: What You Need to Know
Don't make an investment in a franchise until you've taken this course! A franchise might be as big a purchase as your home. The course is the ins and the outs and the secrets to a successful franchise purchase and operation, taught be one of the most recognized experts in franchising for over 30 years.
Mentor: Jack Eberenz
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
S02: Buying An Existing Business
Buying an existing business requires asking the right questions about yourself and about the business you are thinking of buying. Ask yourself: Why do I want to become a business owner? Do I have experience in that business? Is the business in a growth industry? What kind of owner do I want to be -- work in the business or manage people, or both? When considering the purchase of an existing business, due diligence or investigation, is the essential process for assurance that you are receiving the value which is being represented about the business. It is imperative that you ask the right questions about the business and that you receive the supportive documentation of the current position of the business. You need to examine both the financial and non-financial aspects of the businesss which are indicators of the future well-being of the business. Learn the steps you need to follow when purchasing an existing business. THIS COURSE WILL BE AVAILABLE AS ON-DEMAND ONLY DURING INCOME TAX SEASON; WILL RESUME "LIVE" JUNE 2011. Mentor: Shauna Wekherlien
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
S03: Selling An Existing Business
Each year, 700,000 U. S. businesses change ownership. The business owner's dream is to build a business, bring it to life, and make it successful. However, it is how you plan your small business exit strategy that will eventually determine your financial success. Just as buying and building a successful business takes planning, hard work, and a little luck, so does leaving it. Learn why the vast majority of listed businesses do not sell and why two businesses that make the same amount of money do not necessarily have the same value. You will learn how to best optimize the value of your business and how to prepare your business for sale to minimize the perceived risk on the part of the buyer and increase the likelihood of successfully completing the transaction. Learn how to receive full value for your business when selling to an insider, a key employee, or key employee group, even if they do not have any money. Learn key tips to get ready to sell and what you cannot have when preparing to sell. Your Mentor: Kjell Andreassen, Certified Exit Planner, CExP.
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
S04: Mergers and Acquisitions
It is suggested that you take Course S02, Buying an Existing Business, before taking this course. Learn whether you should consider a merger with another company, or an acquisition of another firm or firms, or even a roll-up of several firms in your industry. Learn whether you can obtain financing for your acquisition.
Mentor: Jack Eberenz
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
S05: Intrapreneuring
Review your company's policy on intellectual property and new ideas before taking this course! Learn how to develop an idea that you have, find sponsorship, and maneuver through the politics of selling it to senior management in your company. May require courses A02 through A08, depending on your background. Learn how to retain control of your idea, and how to develop a business plan for your idea, while still working for your present employer.
Mentor: John Heinrich
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
S06: Family Businesses
Learn how to objectively evaluate whether to enter a family business and how to evaluate your contribution. Learn how to objectively appraise the dynamics of your family and the business. Learn when or if to hire a family member objectively. Learn how to separate family personal concerns from business concerns.
Your Mentor: John Heinrich
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29