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Welcome to the American School of Entrepreneurship!

These courses are designed to give you the basic knowlege to start your business intelligently, and minimize risk.

The courses cover the typical topics that bedevil start ups: idea validation, financing, reading financing statements and an overview course in the nuts and bolts of actually launching your business.

These courses that 1-2 hours each, not eight weeks!


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A01: Seeking a New Business Idea
Learn in this course how to develop an idea from your own experiences, market observations, 'jobs' that need doing, and other input that you might have. This course should be taken with course AO2, Viability Of a New Business Venture. Mentor: John Heinrich
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A02: Viability of a New Business Venture
Most new businesses fail because the owner(s) did not do market research on their market (s), did not research their REAL competition and did not effectively respond when the competition retaliated. Learn how to inexpensively research your business idea using proven techniques. Learn to estimate demand to determine if your idea is a legitimate business or a hobby. You will dramatically increase your chances of success if you take this course. Mentor: John Heinrich
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A03: Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
You might have a marvelous business concept, but if you can't sell it to Potential customers in a short memorable phrase, you'll take longer to Succeed. A good USP is a major (and often overlooked) force for marketing new or existing products and services, and can influence why your customers why. Learn how to create or recraft your USP on the basis of customer perceptions of your product or service.
Mentor: Frank Fiore
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A04: Financial Management for Startup Businesses--Course One: Understanding Financial Statements
Learn to read and understand financial statements -- Balance Sheet, Income Statement or Profit & Loss Statement, Statement of Cash Flow -- which are essential tools for financial management of your business. Learn basic financial statement ratios which are used to measure the overall health of your business. Mentor: Shauna Wekherlien
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A05: Financial Management for Startup Businesses - Course Two: Cash Flow Budget
The life of your new business is how well you plan and understand cash flow budgeting, the inflow and outflow of money. This class teaches where to find areas within your business that are either improving or hindering your bottom line. This is an interactive class that will use examples to reflect various money management situations encountered by business owners. Mentor: Shauna Wekherlien
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A06: Financial Management for Startup Businesses-Course Three: Proforma and Budgeting
As a new business owner, you are the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)who will preform budgeting, planning, and forecasting for your company. You are responsible for knowing sources of revenue to your company, where the money is spent, how to allocate resources for current and future expenditures, and how to make growth projections based on current and future market and economic trends. You will learn how to make sound, realistic financial decisions for your company. Your Mentor: Shauna Wekherlien
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A07: Business Legal Structure
With the formation of your new business, you will be required to decide which business legal or organizational structure is best suited for your company. That decision begins with whether you will be a sole owner of your business or whether there will be multiple owners or persons with interest in the business. Within each business structure, there are related matters as taxation, liability, control, transferability, continuity of existence, and costs associated with management of the structure. This course is intended to provide insights about the subject of business structures and is not intended to be either tax accounting or legal advice. Your mentor: Julie Fletcher
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A08: Internet Marketing: Overview of the Basics
Learn how to define your online target market and create your selling message. Learn the pros and cons of the multiple online marketing options and which options are most suitable for your enterprise. Learn to track, measure, analyze , and calculate your online marketing Return on Investment (ROI). Mentor: Lee Steele
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A09: 10 Steps to Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan
Learn the 10 critical steps to developing a winning Strategic Marketing Plan and build yours during the online course. Steps include mission statement, situation analysis, identifying obstaclies and opportunities, setting objectives, establishing strategies and tactics, allocating resources and more. Mentor: Lee Steele
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A10: Writing A Business Plan
There are three types of plans: internal (for intrapreneurs), external (for those looking for financing) and miniplans (for those looking for proof of concept). Learn about when and where to use each type of plan, the commonalities of successful plans, and how to present your plan to funding sources. It is recommended that you take courses A01 or A02 through A10 to prepare for this course.
Mentor: Kjell Andreassen
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A11: Funding A New Business
Many businesses fail because they are underfunded. It is suggested that you take Courses A02 and A06 at a minimum before taking this course, because you will need to demonstrate that your idea is unique, and you will need a detailed cash flow statement for the first year of operations before ANY funding source will listen to your dream, let alone fund it. Learn how to approach all of these sources for money.
Mentor: John Heinrich
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A12: Implementing A New Business Venture
Learn how to get your valid idea up and running! After you've taken Courses A02 and A06, you'll need to obtain leases, business licenses, be aware of the best corporate structure (Course A07 has more detail). You'll also learn about internet domain names, patent filings, trademarks, service marks (Course A16 has more detail) and think about what happens in the future!
Mentor: John Heinrich
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A13: Quick Books for Start-Up Businesses
Learn to customize your accounting system to the operations of your business. This course teaches you how to use an accounting system for keeping financial data and produces financial statements for instant analysis. Start your business accounting system from the outset of implementation of your business. Recommended prerequisite to this course A04: Financial Management for Start-Up Businesses - Course One: Understanding Financial Statements. Your Mentor: Tina Wahl
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A14: Hiring Best Practices for Start-Up Businiesses
Learn how to hire your first people the right way the first time. Learn when to hire, based on your needs, and what you like to do. Learn how to evaluate the candidates using a proven system based on the attributes you need vs. the attributes each candidate would bring to your company.
Mentor: Julie Fletcher
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A15: Employment Regulations for Startup Businesses
This overview course will give you the basics of Federal wage and hour laws, including when overtime must be paid, compensatory time off and an overview of sexual and racial discrimination laws, what questions can and cannot be asked in interviews. Also covers differences between employees and independent contractors.
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29
A16: Contracts, Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Patents, Copyright
Learn about key legal concepts that will instruct you on applying for and safeguarding your intellectual property, patents, trademarks and service marks. Learn to negotiate effective legal contracts and agreements. This course is taught by a non-lawyer and is based on business practices observed over a 35 year career in business.
Mentor: Nathaniel Wadsworth
On-Demand Recorded Course  $29