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Show Us the Money!

There seems to be some confusion in the Trump camp about whether they should put lower taxes or affordable health care at the top of their agenda. For us, as representatives of the small business community (and we’re on the … Continue reading

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Driving Customer Loyalty

We all know that customer loyalty is a good thing. After all, you spent money to acquire that customer somewhere in the past, and you’d like to keep him or her. Or, another customer referred said customer to you, and … Continue reading

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Half a Loaf Buffet

Warren Buffet’s got an interesting op ed in the Wall Street Journal this morning about using the earned income tax credit to lift folks out of poverty. But, he went only part way. Businesses will normally pay whatever they think … Continue reading

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Hiring Wisdom: Great Interview Questions For Sales Personnel

questions to ask during sales interviews Continue reading

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How to Blow Off The Senior Market

how not to serve the senior market Continue reading

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A Five Step Process for Finding Your Next Superstar Sales Rep

Finding your next sales superstar is time consuming, but don’t waste money on the wrong person Continue reading

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How Not To Look Like A Sales Idiot As An Owner

How to do a better job firing and hiring sales persons Continue reading

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