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What’re You Going to Do in 2017?

OK, forget the disasters of the Obama years, other than the fact that we suspect he’s going to be an annoying presence on the US and global stage for some years to come. Worse than Jimmy Carter. But on to … Continue reading

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Driving Customer Loyalty

We all know that customer loyalty is a good thing. After all, you spent money to acquire that customer somewhere in the past, and you’d like to keep him or her. Or, another customer referred said customer to you, and … Continue reading

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Marketing That Pays Off

Spend what you must on marketing, don’t worry about wasting some money, and figure out how to close the prospects your marketing generates. Continue reading

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Late Life Entrepreneuring

Even in your fifties, you too can start a business Continue reading

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Staying Committed to Your Business Plan?

After reading a blog this week about staying committed to your business plan, which appeared to be directed at early startups, I thought I’d comment on the situation. 1. How are you doing to your goals of being at x … Continue reading

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How Do I Be An Entrepreneur?

Forbes recently held a conference on this subject, and I hope the participants didn’t pay too much money to attend. Hopefully a few lightbulbs went off and attendees got some ideas. But, Michael Dell was asked the question in the … Continue reading

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Free Downloads!

We have finally gotten the navigation tab on the left side for ‘free downloads’…which will contain documents that can get you started on your entrepreneurial journey. For starters we have: *Our Entrepreneurial Questionnaire….are you suited to become an entrepreneur, and … Continue reading

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