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Driving Customer Loyalty

We all know that customer loyalty is a good thing. After all, you spent money to acquire that customer somewhere in the past, and you’d like to keep him or her. Or, another customer referred said customer to you, and … Continue reading

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Do You Know When It’s Time to Hire Professionals?

There’s a great article on Chobani, the Greek yogurt pioneer, and it’s founder, who almost lost it all because he didn’t build a structure of competent professionals to help him manage the business. But, the big question the article didn’t … Continue reading

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Bimbo Customer Service

Yeah, that’s right: Bimbo Customer Service, or what passes for customer service. There is  Bimbo Baking Company, which bought Orowheat Baking Company of San Francisco, which makes my favorite bread, Honey Wheat Berry. Now, this is the bread on which … Continue reading

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Check Your Life Insurance Policy

Well, it’s the end of the year, nearly, and I thought that we’d impart a little wisdom on something that happened recently. Actually reading your life insurance policy probably ranks right up there with reading the phone book, and I … Continue reading

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The Missing Driver of Sales Excellence

OK, sportsfans, what is it? I have to confess I missed it when I read the headline. The missing driver is ‘ listening to the market’. This is interesting, because when we do sales consulting, the missing driver is often accountability. … Continue reading

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10 Actions Customer Leaders Use to Achieve Success

customer service tips Continue reading

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Quantifying the Value of Customer Service

Every company should know the value of its customer service, as ranked by its customers Continue reading

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Train Your Customer Service Representatives

If customer service reps don’t render service, all is lost and reputations are damaged! Continue reading

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Customer Service: Walk the Talk

American Express has got a dichotomy between what it says it does in customer service and what it actually does Continue reading

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The Customer Service Secrets to Dealing With Hostile Customers

nine customer service secrets Continue reading

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