Back to School for an MBA

Well, Fortune is finally getting with the program.

They had an article on MBA programs and the changes to the programs in the last few years: leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, law and other key areas.

It got us thinking: If we at the ASE ( were to design and MBA, what courses would we put in it?

First, it would depend on whether the student had business background and was running or had run a company. If we assume that the EMBA (our term, for electronic MBA) is for people who have business experience, here’s what we’d have:

E01/E02: Sales Best Practices: Evaluating your sales practices and your sales force. We’d probably include something on evaluating your market position (E15), too.

E04: Internet Marketing. Still a weak point of many firms, particularly SEO and Social Media.

E9/10: Employment Regulations and Personnel Hiring. Nearly always a weak spot.

E11/12: Financial Management for Established Businesses. There’s a lot to learn here.

E14: Alternative Financing

E16: Maximizing the Value of Your Business

E19: Retirement Planning

E20: Supervisory Development

E21: Customer Service

Do we want any electives? If you look at our “E” course list, there are a few. There are 12 courses in our MBA, which is probably more than the traditional schools have.

If anyone out there wants to sign up for our MBA, those are the courses, and we’ll give you the whole package for $200, and throw in a nice framed certificate. Last time I checked, that’s about $20,000 less than a traditional school.

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