Don’t Leave Money on the Table with this Crash Course in Pricing

Aside from a grammar error in the title, this was a pretty good article in

But, we have a few comments (or we wouldn’t blog about it)

1. The usual lack of consideration for perceptual pricing, i.e., how much do your customers think your product or service is worth?

2. No consideration of market segmentation….you might be able to charge higher prices in some segments by adding a few bells and whistles.

3. No consideration of b2b pricing…..everything in the article was retail oriented.

4. No consideration of online pricing; you have to integrate it with your on-ground stores, if you have them.

5. We cover pricing (with all of the above) in our course A02 at

Well, maybe it wasn’t such a good article, reviewing the above defects. But, the link is’t-leave-money-on-the-table-with-this-crash-course-in- pricing

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