Car 4 of the Trainwreck

OK, I’ll let you all guess about at least two of the other derailed cars of Obamacare….you regular readers would remember that the third car is the extension of the over 50 employee business requirement to conform to Obamacare.

We think the fourth car of the trainwreck that is Obamacare is the decision of remove all qualifying for Obamacare, which was reportedly contrained in the 606 opinon that was released last week by Health and Human Services.

Reportedly, if you apply, you’re accepted… checking E-verify for social security/ medicare eligiilibilty, no anything. We don’t know if the application is still 19 pages long, but if so, that should be a deterent.

Of course, at the moment, there’s nothing to apply for, since there are no exchanges up and running that would broker the policy, and no national policy issuing mechanism. But, we’ve not read the HHS regulations.

We would hope that HHS issues another 606 pages on how people qualify; we think it should be as simple as whether one filed taxes last year, whether or not anything was paid.

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