Small Business + Small Marketing= Really Big Losses

C’mon Forbes, better stick to financial and news stuff rather than publish inaccurate dreck such as this. Go repossess Eric Wagner and Danny Iny’s ‘expert’ tags.

Small business can use small marketing, and usually has to, because of limited funds. What they need to do, aside from NOT reading really target their dollars wisely based on likely influencers to buy, and this is an iterative process: the more you do, and track sales, the better you become. In the age of the internet, this can really be done very cost effectively.

Eric and Danny totally miss the concept of a unique selling proposition (USP), or why people buy your products and services rather than someone elses. If your customers buy into your USP, it’s great. If not, you’re in commodity hell.

They also totally miss the idea of media selection, not to mention social media selection, as an influencer.

However, if you want to read their article, it’s at



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