Why Brainstorming Doesn’t Always Work

Ken Tumel of Management Issues in the UK recently wrote a blogpost about how this hallowed process doesn’t always work.

In our experience, as The Marketing Doctor(www.marketingdoctor.com) and Solutions Forum thought leaders (www.thesolutionsforum.com), the process does work, 100% of the time, but there are some caveats in doing it right.

1. If looking at a new product or service that comes from a brainstoruming session, DO MARKET RESEARCH ON IT! Check the concept and pricing with potential customers. The economics might now work, so you then have to brainstorm how to get them to work.

2. Do the dogs like the dogfood? In our experience, even after test sessions, find out if a broad spectrum of customers likes the product or service. We recently did a market reserach project for a client on a new type of plaster removal equipment for swimming pools, but the economics of the machine didn’t immediately work with the target market of pool remodellers, after doing a little reserach. However, the potential customers gave us and and client some valuable insight into what WOULD work, so version 2.0 is on the drawing boards. In the meantime, the insight has been validated with some demos.

So, don’t give up on brainstorming, just temper it with some market research (we have courses for that at www.theasoe.com).


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