Diary of Wimpy CEOs

Since the Donald was elected, we now seem to have four heads of public companies who have resigned from the Manufacturing Council, presumably because they don’t like his politics.

Are these guys nuts?

He could use their input on manufacturing processes,  but I guess they’d rather take a hit on some aspect of their company from the Trumpster. Drug pricing? Making chips offshore? No import protection?

We used to have a simple rule at Ford: leave your politics at the building door. We didn’t care what HF II or Lee’s politics were, but we did like to get our divisional plans approved for the next year or five, and senior Ford execs were quiet on what theirs were. I worked for Allan Gilmour for two years before I found out he was gay. Did I care? Nope. He was a great boss.

Besides, in this era of p.c., keep your head down and don’t bring it up. Even if you’re a well-regarded Google engineer.

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