Collierville officer getting kudos for Kroger kindness

The employee wrote, baby formula (not cheap), and diapers. Not much but it helped them get by. Everyone give a round of applause to this officer! kindness of the officer apparently had a Pass It On effect, also proud to cheap jerseys say that Kroger followed the officer lead and gave the family prepaid Kroger gift cards to help them with their next Kroger shopping experience. reached out to the officer, but were told he doesn want any praise for his good deed and would rather not be identified.

Kroger officials said they were more than happy to help, but also were not seeking media attention. This city has to get past the against them attitude. Plenty of people from other races have stood up for people while so many of people are killing each other. Go to the mission, go to some local churches and see who are actually helping people while MOST of our people just complain. In fact, what are you doing to help people other than commenting on social media. Race is making this city spiral downward, when all we have to do is put a plug in it!!! Do people here enjoy hate? Is it recreation? It seems most of the people who watch this site (white and black) are just looking for a story that they can turn into a racial issue they enjoy it. So sad!

Satan has you brainwashed. I think you just proved mine. And, you are me judging me based on your assumptions. I don have a weave wearing mentality. My wife wears her hair natural. You, just like some of the racists you hate, can disagree without insults. Memphis culture will continue to deteriorate unless people learn to SEEK COMMON GROUND. I actually feel sorry that you lack the joy of diverse relationships. People who think like you are just as big of a problem as the white racists you hate. As I said, I will pray for you. God Bless.

Jesus teaches forgiveness, and loving your enemies He a fool. NO! You only believe what you want to believe. I told you there is no wearing in my house. I well aware of the Experience but I not held hostage by it like you. You keep on living in your angry world you get ready to get out of it, there is a whole new world of opportunity, experiences and relationships when you are ready for it. I advice you to get out of Memphis for a period of time and see how the world really is have obviously been sheltered in ignorance (not an insult, ignorance is lack of knowledge and experiences). I have only lived here 10 years and I have never seen anything like it before in my life. People who refuse to progress. I promise to pray for you.

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