Impeachment Bushwa

Normally, this wouldn’t be a topic for Entrepreneurial News, but if President Trump were impeached, it would be bad for the business community in the US and, by extension, around the world, IMHO, so it’s an appropriate topic.

But, we don’t see yet any grounds for impeachment (see high crimes or misdemeanors) that rise to nearly the level of what got Nixon and Clinton in trouble.

The Dems controlling the US House of Representatives have belatedly realized that they need articles of impeachment, and that the whole House must vote on them. Which means they need 218 votes to pass the House. If 218 votes aren’t secured, then the process dies.

Should the House Dems pass impeachment articles, they have to go to the Senate, and the redoubtable Lindsey Graham has already corralled 50 senators to vote against it, lacking only Collins, Murkowski and Romney, the usual never Trumper suspects. Sen Graham might peel off Joe Mancin of West Virginia, too. We don’t knowif he’s been asked. And the Vice President is available to break ties. So, impeachment is dead in the Senate, so it looks like the House is engaging in an exercise in futility, nothing new for them. It looks to us like Pelosi is pushing a dead letter, and wasting time and money. Payback’s hell in 2020.

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