How to Clear 1 MM Immigration Case Backlog

We put our thinking hats on, and came up with the idea for a business, or a government division that could clear the backlog, based on the fact that we spend about $75,000 per illegal chasing, and prosecuting them for illegal entry into the country.

  1. We know where they are, based on the paperwork they submitted at the time they came in, so Immigration and Naturalization (or whatever the agency is, issues registered letters to the last known address that they put on their immigration papers. Give them a little budget for this task, or hire a government contractor skilled in skip tracing.
  2. Each immigrant is issued a court date in the local justice court of the locality where he/she is supposed to be residing. If they don’t report, they become more of a felon.
  3. If the papers come back, then you know they’re in the wind somewhere and let the local police take over. A process server costs about $20 per service, less in volume.
  4. If they show up for their court date, fine them, have the judge ask them what they think they could contribute to the country, and if he or she doesn’t like the answer, deport them to their native country.
  5. The government might employ a skip tracing call center to find them by phone, if there is one on the paperwork.

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