It’s about the people

I recently took two flights on American Airlines, and it was like a tale of two cities.

The first one started with a senior Captain for American, Captain Walzer, playing a drumstick solo on the countertop of the gate counter.

I’ve never seen this before, and it infused the whole cabin and gate crew with a nice, relaxed vibe.

This isn’t the sometimes frantic energy of Southwest Airlines, which to me just shouts: “Please like me!….I’m just a humble little startup from Dallas!” Ha.

On the return flight, it was back to staid ol American Airlines. Nothing special…..just sort of humdrum.

Everybody was businesslike and efficient, but just didn’t seem to be too inpspired.

Again, it was the people.

So, the question is: Are your people doing all they can to make your product or service stand out from everyone else. Without betraying your corporate ethos and acting silly.

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