The Business Case for Brexit

We’re commenting on this because 40% of our School enrollees come from outside the United States, so we think it would be in order. So, here goes:

  1. Philosophically, the Brits just don’t fit with the other, more socialized and structured democracies on the Continent.
  2. The British businesses are more innovative in our experience, and it seems that all the rules and regs coming from Brussels are stifling innovation in Britain.
  3. Immigration. Under the EU, the British have to apparently take all immigrants, a sizeable portion of which are Muslim, when the Brits already have about 15% Muslims. And, they’ve had problems with Muslim terrorists.
  4. Our sense is that British business taxes are lower than those companies on the continent, and should remain so. We cousins could emulate this low tax policy, but we’ll have to wait a few months.
  5. The Brits had their own union, known as the Commonwealth (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some lesser countries), so it was rather amazing to us when they went in the EU in the first place. Our trading relations with Britain are excellent. In our experience, it is a lot easier to set up shop as a business branch than in the EU.
  6. We would suspect that the Brits signed on for the trade advantages in the EU, and weren’t too happy with the government regs they’ve gotten in the last few years.

So, that’s our .02 worth. Looking forward to comments on this post.

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