Why Mentally Tough Leaders Need Emotional Intelligence

It’s been a while since we wrote about this topic, and the Harvard Business Review has come up with some concrete outcomes of having emotional intelligence. The overarching idea is that you’ll be mentally tough, not go to pieces at the first sign of adversity. But, here are some concrete outcomes:

  1. You will know what fuels you. What you feel down deep in your psyche.
  2. You will have a plan B for when things go awry, and maybe a C and a D, and know when and how you’ll implement them without missing a beat.
  3. You will have self control. You won’t say things in stressful situations that you might regret later.
  4. You will not let fear take over.

These tenets are taught at the FBI Academy at Quantico, so they’ve been vetted.

Now go out an conquer the world.

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