The Entrepreneur’s Case for Donald Trump

This is the title of a nice article by Anthony Scaramucci that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on May 16th.

We don’t even have any substantive criticism of the article, for a change, other than to add that he is a turnaround artist, having bought many of his properties below market value and turned them around, profiting handsomely. It’s what we all aspire to do; we’ve done it with several companies.

The government clearly needs to think more entrepreneurially. Many of the agencies have lost sight of their original mission, which might be shrouded in the mists of time.

The EPA, for example, has probably outlived a lot of its original mission. Sure, we need clean air, clean water and better fuel economy, but do we need mandates?

Commerce is just as vital as it was, but needs to be more pro-business. Lower taxes, although we don’t have the financial resources anymore to lower them much without major cuts in spending, which can be done.

Health and Human Services? Again, much of what they do is either going away (Obamacare) or will be substantial modified. The mission really needs to be rethought.

The Department of Defense is certainly vital, but needs to be rethought. Readiness to fight needs to be a lot better. Let’s put performance metrics on the Air Force, Navy and Army; years ago, we did it through a Total Quality Leadership program, and it worked very well. Prune out a lot of middle managers, both civilian and military, to match the force reductions.

So, have at it Donald. Another point of differentiation from Hildary Hoo Hah. You weren’t going to get many votes in and around Washington DC anyway.’


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