The Accountability Culture

One of my Solutions Forum clients is struggling to produce an accountability culture in his company, whereby people get measured on what they do…goals, progress, all that sort of stuff. Some of the problems he’s run into are illustrative:
1. What You Don’t Confront You Condone. This is a famous quote among management gurus, and means that if you don’t confront and talk over with your direct reports and employees, you’re implicitly condoning the behavior. You may not ever realize that you’re doing it, but think about it.
2. Your sales force might be the biggest obstacle to accountabiliity, since they may not be used to target goals on calls, demos and closes, and how to get from one to the other
3. The whole culture might sound rather negative, because many employees aren’t used to being accountable for theiir actions, so some serious counselling might be in order.
3. You as the leader might have to change, and you might be grumpy about being accountable for your actions, since you haven’t done it before, either. The grumpiness rubs off.
There’s much more on this topic, so stay turned.

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