Donny and Carly

When I was growing up, my Dad was fond of saying ‘the business of America is business’. I think he got the quote from the head of General Motors, Charlie Wilson. No matter, it’s a great quote.

But, how long has it been since you heard a candidate for elective office say something like that?

Lost in all the hoohaa about Trump and, to a lesser extent Fiorina, is that they’re the first serious candidates coming out of the business community in some time, probably since Ross Perot. Let’s hope that Trump is more flexible in his outlook that Ross was. So far, so good.

The business of America is getting out of the way of business, not hampering it with new regulations, such as those coming from the EPA or the NLRB. Besides, who employs all those Democrats? They don’t all work for the government at various levels or academia.

Immigration law should support American business, which is to say a free flow of labor from wherever. We need all levels, but we need to know who they are and where they’re going. If they’re here illegally, tell them to get in line and start over, pay a nominal fine and get something like a provisional green card.

Reparations from abroad.? Get rid of the tax. However, companies should have a reinvestment clause…..either invest in something or give it back to the shareholders through more stock. Are you listening Apple?

Anyway, these are just some initial thoughts for the dynamic duo.

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