Workplace Democracy Gets Ambushed

I was watching Gunslingers last night on the AHC, and it seems that Wild Bill Hickock has been reincarnated as the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

The title comes from the Wall Street Journal, which has outlined the latest ambush on employer labor practices  by the NLRB. Now, back in the day, I twice defeated union organizing drives, but this latest practice, which requires companies to give what would be private employee information to unions, is just another thorn in our side, and probably illegal.

And, if you’re in an organizing drive, and you do a ‘Statement of Position’, you’re not allowed to amend it without showing ‘good cause’ which I’m sure the union doing the organizing would challenge.

There are also some other provisions of the diktat that are oneous, but your blood pressure might have already spiked in reading the prior words, so we’ll close.

We would recommend, if you’ve had organizing drives, that you consult your friendly labor lawyer and get his/her take. If you’re prominent in your community, you should also have that conversation, or if you’ve had a problem employee (who might try to organize you).

Hang in there for the next 18 months or so, when sanity will be restored

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