Tweet Them Right

A question was asked Ted Rubin, one of the Entrepreneur columnists about using Twitter to boost customer loyalty using Twitter, and it bears reposting here:

1. Engage. Don’t just produce content, start a conversation with your customers. Look for what people are talking about. Rubin thinks the best content is a conversation.

2. Respond. When a follower asks a question, even one disapproving of your company, answer it publicly. And don’t be self serving (our add). Take the criticism personally, and make sure that it’s handled in a positive way. Companies learn from this process.

3. Add value. Rubin cites the example of Duane Reade, a chain of drugstores, that apparently does a lot of events that don’t directly have anything to do with Duane Reade. Community events, sponsor some kids at a math camp, etc.

I think these are good things to do, regardless of whether you sell wholesale or retail. Try it out.

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