I happen to like Alibaba, and I like that they’re trying to get more American businesses to list their products (it doesn’t appear that services are allowed) on

But, there’s a big problem, $1395 big. Alibaba has stopped their FREE membership on their site, which would appeal to more businesses that would like to get their products listed.

We have made an inquiry to Alibaba on behalf of our school, American School of Entrepreneurship, because we’d like to list our top four courses, which have had Chinese enrollment, but only because they found us on the internet, US version. And we know the Chinese government restricts who can see us.

However, we don’t want to pay $1395 up front to list the courses. Getting back to breakeven on this promotion cost, with our course costs,  would be a long haul.

We’d rather see something like $100 up front and a percentage of our revenues to Alibaba based on how many courses we sell through them.

So, Alibaba, what do you think? Let’s not get greedy on the front end.

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