Don’t Kill the Golden Goose

Well, Obama’s SOTU speech last night was a recycling of all the old liberal hoo-hah that they’ve been peddling for the last 20 years, aside from Clinton, who, after he got clobbered, veered to center right in his second term and was, to my thinking, and effective president.

We know that Obama is a narcissist, and they can’t ever be wrong, but this was just silly.

How someone can be that out of touch with his fellow citizens after six years is mind-boggling.

Why the networks did any more than promote it a little bit until after the speech was done is beyond me. Even the Foxies fell into the liberal trap.

I thought Joni Ernst, the new senator from Iowa, for having been on the job two weeks, did a very credible job in supplying the Republication response. Much better than Rubio and Jindal in their turns.

Anyway, spending has got to come down about 10% to balance the budget, and some more funds have to go to defense to fund the fig leaf force in Iraq and the ISIL fighters that no one wants to talk about. The smart play would have been to acknowledge this and say so in the speech.

Forget new spending and taxes for anything. Make do. Community colleges, at least here in Arizona, are self funding, and do a pretty good job, even on vo-ed.

Lower corporate taxes, especially on international divisions so we’re competitive, and do the same for small businesses. Tax revenues should actually come up, as they did under Regan.

The business of the USA is business, Barry, not income redistribution, and you should have that tattooed on your forehead, since that appears the only way that it’s going to get into your head.

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