Je Suis Charlie: US Edition

This is a rather unusual post, in that I’m wondering if there is a market for a Charlie Hebdo-style publication in the U.S.

Certainly we’ve got lots of targets satirize: Obama, government in general, etc.

The Charlie tradition is Europe is long and honored; when I lived in Italy, I recall reading an Italian magazine that did the same thing as Charlie.

In this country, we have The Onion, based in Boulder, Colorado, but I think that’s about it.  The Week magazine runs a center section on good political cartoons, but these two are about it. Pretty sorry.

Anyway, we have publishing capability here in Phoenix, and I imagine that all the editorial cartoonists working for major newspapers would like to have another outlet for their work, or would do special stuff.

As the Marketing Doctor, we’ve consulted for a number of magazines, too, on circulation, distribution and even some editorial. Do we have money resources? There’s always crowdfunding.

So, let me know. I’m curious.

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