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Tweet Them Right

A question was asked Ted Rubin, one of the Entrepreneur columnists about using Twitter to boost customer loyalty using Twitter, and it bears reposting here: 1. Engage. Don’t just produce content, start a conversation with your customers. Look for what … Continue reading

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I happen to like Alibaba, and I like that they’re trying to get more American businesses to list their products (it doesn’t appear that services are allowed) on alibaba.com. But, there’s a big problem, $1395 big. Alibaba has stopped their … Continue reading

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There have been quite a few articles about hiring a diverse workforce lately, but the articles have overlooked one salient fact: quality people may or may not be diverse. Minorities may not have the educational background you need. As a … Continue reading

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Bimbo Boo-boos

No, this isn’t mistakes by ladies of the night. Bimbo Bread, which used to be based in Mexico, has been quietly buying up a lot of old line bakery names, such as Orowheat, Thomas (English muffins), Boboli (pizza flats), Enteman’s … Continue reading

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Half a Loaf Buffet

Warren Buffet’s got an interesting op ed in the Wall Street Journal this morning about using the earned income tax credit to lift folks out of poverty. But, he went only part way. Businesses will normally pay whatever they think … Continue reading

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Do You Know When It’s Time to Hire Professionals?

There’s a great article on Chobani, the Greek yogurt pioneer, and it’s founder, who almost lost it all because he didn’t build a structure of competent professionals to help him manage the business. But, the big question the article didn’t … Continue reading

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The Rise of the CEO Support Group

ceo groups are a useful tool in the ceo’s toolbox Continue reading

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Inside PayPal’s MicroLending Program

You can put this one down under ‘who knew?’ Entreprepeur ran the summary of the PayPal program in their March issue, and it’s a revelation. Since launching the program, which is called Working Capital (we can’t even say how you access … Continue reading

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Burn It Down?

I’m saddened by all the small business owners in Ferguson, MO that have had their businesses torched by the outside agitators. This is a subject that has gotten nearly no media attention…..none of the lamebrain media has thought more deeply … Continue reading

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Chinese Business Proverbs

Signs of the times: business aphorisms inside one’s fortune cookie (Mao must be turning over in his grave): Here are a couple: 1.  A leader is powerful to the degree he empowers others. 2. A brave man is the one … Continue reading

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