What is your prospecting EKG?

Prospecting is a core competency for salespeople  That fact is indisputable.

Ryan, a mid-career salesperson from a multinational company, called recently.  He said “I need help because I am not getting in front of enough new cialis 5mg prospects.”  He shared that “once I am in front of a prospect, I am exceptionally savvy and my close rate is around 65-72%.”

Companies have done an excellent job in training their salespeople in the first and fourth step of the selling process, but their salespeople are floundering in steps two and three.

Let’s look at a basic sales model.

Quickly give yourself a grade from an A to a D- in these five categories.

_____   1.  Identify Prospects (so that)

_____   2.  Initiate Contact (so that)

_____   3.  Introduce Yourself (so that)

_____   4.  Inform (sales presentation) (so that)

_____   5.  Influence them to buy from you!

Core competencies are extraordinary abilities or related excellences that a salesperson acquires after consistent striving.  Core competencies give salespeople the competitive advantage.

The flip side of core competency is core rigidity, which is using a relaxed improvement effort while competitors continue to improve.

Now that you have graded yourself and identified your current reality, what are you willing to do in order to create successinflatable obstacles rental?

Ryan agreed to take the SPQ assessment that measures Sales Call Reluctance so that he can get a grip on what is emotionally blocking his prospecting.

Please take your free prospecting EKG at:


Connie Kadansky, Sales Call Reluctance coach helps salespeople get their “ask” in gear!  She has coached hundreds of salespeople from diverse industries to Overcome their Sales Call Reluctance and develop strong value propositions, strong scripts, customized exercises, role play and Unshakable Confidence while prospecting and selling. http://www.exceptionalsales.com

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