Clearing Off the Desk

It’s been awhile since I posted…..had some serious back and knee injuries as a result of a car crash (LOL’s just don’t like me), but we’re about 90% and I’ve neglected the blog. Here’s what’s on my mind:

  1. The tax cut. How could any of our Washington Wizards say no to this? However, we think there should be some spending cuts, too. The smarter Cabinet members, such as DeVos and Pruitt, have already cut their departmental budgets.
  2. Tax reform, to simplify the code: a good idea, but sure to provoke a partisan fight. Work on it, but not a priority.
  3. Budget cuts across the board….State 25%, Defense 10% (I could find 10% with my eyes closed), Social Security 5% (move the retirement age higher, to 66 or 68). We can’t afford our government, and it doesn’t work very well.
  4. Longer term, let’s zero-base budget all of the government to see if the Cabinet officers can come up with convincing rationales for keeping programs. If not, out they go.
  5. The economy: looks like its getting going pretty well on its own, but could use a rate cut.  Get the foreign monies back in the country….let the US companies put the $ to work
  6. The government owns something like 10,000 vacant buildings! Sell ’em!
  7.  That’s about it for this post. Let me have your thoughts.
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