Big Vision

This is the title of a new best seller by the Toren brothers, and while we haven’t read it (our school courses are about the same price), we have a bone to pick with the central idea: big vision.
Sure, it’s good to have vision, but it’s got to be in a validated area where no one else is, and this just doesn’t happen too often.
What usually happens is something more modest: somebody gets an idea, maybe takes our validation course, finds out if the idea works, cash flows (or, more likely not) and he/she goes back to the drawing board, keeps his/her day job and keeps plugging away.
The big vision usually is reserved for the Jobses of the world: he finds Jon Ive laboring over a screen/guts Mac combo in the depths of Apple research and the ‘aha’ moment happens the 2nd time.
But Jobs is a rarity, and entrepreneurs shouldn’t try to hit a home run the first time out.
Yes, you have to have passion for what you do, or think you want to do, because it won’t be an easy journey.
So, it’s great to have a big vision, but don’t be dismayed if your vision is smaller; it might just work.
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