C’mon Apple, Get Going

Here’s one post we never thought we’d write.

Apple seems to have fallen on hard times, probably of their own making, and they don’t seem to know what to do. Full disclosure: I also own Apple stock. So, here are some suggestions:

  1. Tim Cook resigns as President. We’d put Jonny Ive in, since he’s the innovator in chief.
  2. Cut prices 25% across the board, maybe more. Apple TV looks interesting, but what in hell does in DO? Really poor communications, and the market for these boxes is probably $99 each, not $150. Fire the director of investor relations; I get releases from Ford on EVERYTHING.
  3. Put some more features into the IPhone 6, or just go to the 7. I have a 5S, and have had it for two years. I don’t see a compelling reason to upgrade.
  4. Put the previous versions of the IPhone into international distribution at low prices to gain share and get people used to the product. I used my 4S for a week when I lost the 5S, and it was perfectly acceptable.
  5. Where is Apple in India? We hear about China all the time, but what about India? Amazon finally woke up to India, so maybe Apple is asleep at the wheel, too. Go spend some of the cash parked in Europe to invade India. And not just with Apple stores, either; go partner with Amazon.
  6. Apple cars? Why? What can be lent to this space? Let Google bend their pick on this one, before GM, Ford or Toyota take them out.
  7. If Apple wants to be in the car business, go buy Tesla. They’re a good company, nice products, but it takes them forever to get products to market.

OK Tim, have at it, and I’ll look for my five shares in the mail. johnh@thesolutionsforum.com.


Update: We have a post of today with what we think Apple should do about it’s IPhone problem and terrorists.

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