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Jon G. (Jack) Eberenz More than 40 years of executive management and franchise leadership positions have taught Jack a great deal. First—he values the respect and confidence people around the world place in him. And he knows those relationships are no accident. Indeed they came through the highest dedication to sound principles and the value in working toward the success of others. Second—Jack will be quick to tell you, the business expertise and the reputation he has today came from one other very important thing—a lot of hard work! Jack’s experience includes serving as a General Manager, President, Chief Financial Officer and Board Chairman of franchise companies nationwide. Since 1981, he has been a key advisor to franchisors drawing from the balance of experience as both a franchisee and President of a franchisor. Currently, Jack is head of the Arizona Franchisor Association. He is also Chairman of the Arizona Corporate Governance Institute, which assists corporations in using statutory or advisory boards to increase profits and cash flow. As a board member of several national and international franchisors, Jack’s perspective is fresh and his knowledge base is current. Presently, he serves on the boards of Realty Executives International, Precision Door Service and The Hat Club. A recognized expert in franchise development and operations, Jack brings his wisdom and candor to several other boards and associations including: The Board of Directors of Beatitudes Campus of Care; The Merger/Acquisition Roundtable; Arizona Business Leadership; Valley Advisory Group and Business Advisory Services. His Bachelor of Science degree is from the Syracuse University Whitman School of Management.

Franchisee Litigation

Occasionally someone asks me if they should become a franchisor. Depending on the situation I will answer with a smart remark such as “do you like litigation”. My remark comes from the facts of today’s belief that whatever may have … Continue reading

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The New Normal in Franchising

The following article typifies one of the trends in franchising over the last 2 years. The difficulty in getting financing from the banks or even from bank loans backed by the SBA has opened the opportunity for service based business … Continue reading

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The perceived value approach to franchising is a comprehensive system of integrating the expectations of the franchisee with the goals of the franchisor. Every franchisor should be concerned about the value that the franchisee believes (in other words “perceives”) he/she … Continue reading

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Is Your Business Franchisable

IS FRANCHISING AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUR BUSINESS Franchising is a different business from the business you are currently in. Therefore, just like anyone who enters a business they are not experts in you need to have good advisors and people … Continue reading

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“SENSING” USING EXPERIENCE AS A TOOL As a businessperson you accumulate experience over years of business activity, that experience becomes your inventory of knowledge that allows you to see patterns in what is happening in business. Those patterns that occur … Continue reading

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